Communications and Marketing

Team Members

Leslie Ehler
Asst Director of Creative Content

Stephanie Henry
Media Communications Specialist

Lauren Quinn
Media Communications Specialist

Provides collegewide communications and marketing support to ensure that consistent, meaningful messages aligned with the College of ACES mission are shared effectively with ACES audiences.

ACES Communications and Marketing manages the college’s branding strategy to ensure effectiveness, consistency, and alignment with goals to advance the mission of the College of ACES.

We use innovative methods to consistently establish and improve the ACES brand and to reinforce our world-class reputation.

Our team facilitates the development of marketing strategies, goals, and actions; uses appropriate market research methods and information; identifies key audiences and communication objectives; and applies suitable performance measures.

We design and develop a wide range of electronic and print-based communications and marketing materials, including presentations, brochures, posters, print and online advertisements, email communications, digital display templates, event invitations, and other materials as needed. We oversee ACES' social media strategy and serve as the main communications resource for the ACES Office of Advancement.

Our goal is to capture the attention of our target audiences. We manage projects from conception to completion with a variety of clients, colleagues, freelancers, students, and vendors. We use our analytical skills to identify the target audience and independently choose an appropriate style of visual design, style and length of message, and quantity and mode of message distribution to best reach the audience.

How can we help?

To launch a project or have a question answered, please contact us at 217-244-4786 or