Educational Publishing

Members of the ITCS Educational Publishing team

Team Members

Marianne Stein (team leader)
Media Communications Specialist

Molly Bentsen
Media Communications Specialist

Heather Mathis
Media Communications Specialist

Nick Wherley
Media Communications Specialist

Does publication development, including planning, editing, graphic design, and project management. Develops instructional materials for use in agricultural and science curriculums in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education. Hosts career development and FFA events and coordinates professional development workshops for agriculture educators.

Educational Publishing

Provides a spectrum of services: project management, writing, editing, graphic design, proofreading, electronic publishing, printing coordination, marketing, distribution, and online sales. We can coordinate publishing projects from start to finish or provide services “a la carte.”

If projects are determined to have commercial marketability, authors are not charged for Educational Publishing time, materials, or printing costs. In other cases, services are provided for a fee. Publications are marketed and sold to the public through Pubs Plus, our ecommerce storefront.

Instructional Materials

ITCS Instructional Materials is a nationally recognized source for agricultural education resources, including subject-matter units, CD-ROMs, DVDs, flash cards, EZ Records, and more.

Instructional Materials works closely with agricultural educators to develop agricultural and science curricula and resources for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

Educational products for sale are featured in the Instructional Materials catalog, available as a downloadable PDF file at the ITCS Instructional Materials website, and sold through Pubs Plus.

The unit also provides professional development workshops and assistance for ag educators and hosts career development events for Illinois FFA on the University of Illinois campus.